Take On Helicopters Military Career

Prague, Czech Republic, September 13th – Bohemia Interactive is delighted to release Intel for our upcoming helicopter game Take On Helicopters which looks at the military side of the game.

ARMA 3 Official Website to launch

Prague, Czech Republic 07th September - Bohemia Interactive, the award-winning independent Czech development studio, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the official Arma3 website.

Scheduled for an unveiling Friday 9th September at 0900CET, the official new Arma3 website will be packed full of exciting information about the upcoming blockbuster Milsim title to continue the multi-award winning legacy created by Bohemia Interactive over the last ten years.

The new website will feature exclusive never seen before media content including videos, screenshots and background information, key aspects to the story and features of Arma 3 will also be unveiled including: