ARMA II – Website Update

The vehicles of ARMA II are available for inspection from today

Prague Czech Republic, April 3 rdBohemia Interactive and IDEA Games today introduce a new update on the ARMA II homepage. This time bringing the player a unique opportunity to explore the large amount of vehicles which are available in this highly anticipated military simulator. The latest piece of Intel, taking an in-depth look at ARMA II vehicles, has been declassified Friday 3rd late evening for immediate analysis at


Migration status update

Due to the unpredictable problems which arose during the attempted forum migration, we have decided to temporarily re-enable access to the old forums whilst we try to resolve the issues which arose. All being well once we have discovered the cause of these problems we will perform the migration again.

So please for now enjoy our vintage forums and we'll update you soon with the migration status.

Forum Migration Delay

During the migration of the forums several unpredictable problems occurred. We are currently working on their fixing, we apologize to everyone for the delay and we will inform you as soon as we know more..