ARMA 2 gets plenty of attention at GC2008!

Following on from an extremely busy GC2008 in Leipzig there are now a number of features online about the progress of our next game ARMA 2, these features are in the form of previews, written interviews and even video interviews, please visit our ARMA 2 preview page and find out what people are saying about ARMA 2.

ARMA 2 ingame
  screenhot ARMA 2 ingame screenhot

GC2008 was very successful for us and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who visited, there were numerous media visitors as well as members of the community and it was very rewarding to see so much interest in our next project.

ARMA 2 ingame
  screenhot ARMA 2 ingame

We’re also delighted to announce a new ARMA 2 website, the site contains a large amount of information about the game (ETA Q1 2009). Visitors will find information about ARMA 2 as well as many high resolution screenshots. Our GC2008 press kit is also available for download.

2008 Community Awards: Update.

Hi folks.

Firstly thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for the 2008 Community Awards, we've had 100s of nominations and have now removed the nomination submission form. Shortly there will be a new blog entry with the list of the finalists as well as information on how to vote for the finalists.