New ARMA Videos

Recently a number of ARMA videos have been released from different sources, here is a small roundup:

Firstly an exclusive new video was released by us which is a montage of some of the different elements to be found within the game.

Celoush of released a video as part of his review for the site.

James Carey of PC Format released some splendid footage of a night fight as well as a movie showing ARMA being played on a 3 monitor setup using TripleHead2Go, he also released a bunch of videos which show trackIR being used as he flies around.

Finally a Czech gamer has been making some videos from his newly purchased Czech version of the game showing an ambush as well as AI v AI combat.

First ARMA reviews

As many people are aware ARMA has now been released in the Czech Republic and will soon be released in Slovakia (20/11/2006), Germany (30/11/2006) and Poland (15/12/2006).

The first batch of reviews is slowly starting to appear and they include 4/5 stars from, 89% from Czech Games Management and 86% plus a "Bullet Award" from the Austrian print magazine gamezone.jpg cgm2.png

VBS2 at Serious Games Summit in Washington D.C.

Bohemia Interactive is pleased to announce that it will be attending the Serious Games Summit on 30-31st October. Bohemia Interactive will be located at booth 107 and will be exhibiting VBS2, the VBS1 Loadmaster Virtual Reality Simulator (LVRS), and VBS connected to JSAF via the HLA gateway 'LVC Game'. VBS2 components on display will include our new agent-AI and also the Real Time Mission Editor.