Bohemia Interactive to demonstrate VBS2 at I/ITSEC 2006

VBS2_01_tn.jpg Bohemia Interactive (BI) is pleased to announce that Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2) will be demonstrated at I/ITSEC 06, to be held at the Florida Convention Center in Orlando, from Monday 4th December to Thursday 7th December 2006. BI will be located at booth #2283 in Hall B, co-located with Calytrix Technologies.

New ARMA Videos

Recently a number of ARMA videos have been released from different sources, here is a small roundup:

Firstly an exclusive new video was released by us which is a montage of some of the different elements to be found within the game.

Celoush of released a video as part of his review for the site.

James Carey of PC Format released some splendid footage of a night fight as well as a movie showing ARMA being played on a 3 monitor setup using TripleHead2Go, he also released a bunch of videos which show trackIR being used as he flies around.

Finally a Czech gamer has been making some videos from his newly purchased Czech version of the game showing an ambush as well as AI v AI combat.

First ARMA reviews

As many people are aware ARMA has now been released in the Czech Republic and will soon be released in Slovakia (20/11/2006), Germany (30/11/2006) and Poland (15/12/2006).

The first batch of reviews is slowly starting to appear and they include 4/5 stars from, 89% from Czech Games Management and 86% plus a "Bullet Award" from the Austrian print magazine gamezone.jpg cgm2.png