Czech Veterans Day - Summary

Dear community,

Last month, we decided to endorse and participate in the local "Civilisté děkují za službu" ("Civilians thank soldiers") initiative for this year's Veterans Day on November 11th. This initiative aims to close the divide between soldiers and civilians, emphasizing the importance of expressing gratitude and respect towards those who have served in the Czech Armed Forces. You can find more information in our Czech Veterans Day blog post.

We would like to thank you all for the incredible support and generosity showcased by each of you in our quest to honor military veterans not only in the Czech Republic but worldwide.

Through the collective efforts of our Vigor community, we successfully raised funds from the Civilians Thank Veterans charity pack, which will go to an army veteran in need. This substantial contribution is a testament to the compassion and dedication of each individual who joined hands with us in this meaningful endeavor.

Moreover, our appreciation also goes to all the creators who shared their Arma 3 screenshot submissions with us. Among the plethora of remarkable entries, we have carefully selected our top three screenshots, each embodying the spirit of camaraderie, honor, and respect for veterans. To the creators of these selected pieces, we extend our congratulations and will be reaching out to you directly regarding the prize package.

By Scarecrow


By Druenn_TRD

These winning screenshots will be prominently featured in the Lars Blanken Gallery in our next Arma 3 platform update.

You can check out all of the screenshot submissions from the Arma 3 community at

For those eager to explore and experience the essence of Czech Veterans Day, the mod featuring all the Veterans Day assets will remain readily accessible on the Steam Workshop.

Once again, our gratitude goes out to each member of our communities for their unwavering support. Thank you!

Published on by David Hochman