ARMA II Community Update

Howdy folks,

We just wanted to give you a brief update as to what's going on with ArmA II and what we're working on, our immediate plans and such:

ARMA: Armed Assault Community Awards 2008

Community Awards 2008 medals

Hi everybody. Today I'm coming with an honest apology for all of you who are waiting so long for the Community Awards 2008 winner's announcement. Due to a lot of unforeseen circumstances around the ARMA 2 release, the whole event ran into very serious delays. I would like to say again I'm terribly sorry for this unforgivable hold up and please, don't blame my dear colleague Mr. Placebo for it as the awards were a team effort.

Final voting for the competition itself closed May 12th 2009 to find the 6 Community Award winners for their community works they did for or with ARMA: Armed Assault. We have also selected 5 random names/emails from the list of voters who will also obtain some prizes.