Forum migration downtime

Following on from the recent beta testing of the new forums a few weeks ago, we're now making preparations for the final migration and move to the shiny new vBulletin forum software.

As such these forums will be turned to "read only" status for the period of Monday 23rd March - Sunday 29th March, this will allow us to move everything across to vBulletin without losing any posts, post counts, user accounts (hopefully!).

Visually the new forums will look a little bit different from what you're used to as the software we use now is much older and of course different from the new software, we will however try to ensure that visually they're crisp use space as well as possible, the key improvements will be in terms of functionality, both for you as the end user and us as Admins/Moderators, the old forums really were like running Flashpoint1 in an ArmA2 world ;)

We thank you for your patience during this time!

Community Awards 2008: The Competition that time forgot!

It goes without saying that all did not go smooth with our announced and planned Community Awards 2008, a number of factors (including yours truly deciding to uproot again and move all the way from Singapore-Sweden) conspired to mess up the running and execution of our beloved Community Awards 2008. We’re obviously very sorry for the delay, we can assure you that despite any apparent lack of interest that wasn’t the case at all and we do feel strongly that regular community awards are an important way for us to tip our caps to you guys and gals.