Open Source Warfare

While the previous Developer's Blog entry announced the release of our latest community project, Warfare, it only briefly touched on the main thought that drove much of its development. In most game communities a huge new Player versus Player multiplayer mode, would simply be ... well, played. But the ArmA community has always had the incredible mindset where the public release of missions or addons is considered the start of their development, rather than the conclusion.

Mano a mano - Online Warfare

Some say war never changes, but I think we've come a long way.

Up until not too long ago we were playing online skirmishes at best in our tactical shooters. Small bands of Reds, Blues, CTs, Tangos, Charlies and Deltas, usually confined to the equivalent of a schoolyard playground compared to the scope a real battlefield. The release of Operation Flashpoint saw these skirmishes grow to scenarios that finally created space for real maneuvres, involving dozens of troops and vehicles at once. But it wasn't until the release of Armed Assault that we could finally put this space to proper use and deploy up to hundreds of soldiers in our scenarios, online and offline.

ARMA Updated To Version 1.14

A major new update for the latest military PC game ARMA by Bohemia Interactive has been released. With a handful of improvements and bug fixes, the ARMA update to version 1.14 also includes a unique new multiplayer mode called WARFARE .

ARMA has come a very long way since the original release one year ago. Here at Bohemia Interactive we've always provided ongoing support for our games but this free update is a truly significant milestone. In terms of stability, performance and gameplay, ARMA is now a distinctly superior game to the initial release. (Marek Spanel, Bohemia Interactive)

{rokzoom album=|Arma114| title=|ARMA WARFARE - Update 1.14|}assets/legacy/images/stories/games/arma114/ARMA_v114warfare_04.jpg{/rokzoom} {rokzoom album=|Arma114| title=|ARMA WARFARE - Update 1.14|}assets/legacy/images/stories/games/arma114/ARMA_v114warfare_05.jpg{/rokzoom}

* Now also available as ARMA: Gold , containing fully updated version 1.08 including the official expansion pack Queen's Gambit .