ARMA Technology Inside

In this blog entry I would like to share with you some experiences of how new technology is being developed for computer games. I hope it will help you to understand the complex and interesting work which is needed for a new feature to be used to its full benefits.

Patch 1.09 reminder & Festive Wishes.

Release of the beta patch 1.09

Firstly, most people are aware, but for those that aren't, we released a beta patch 1.09 a few days ago, this patch contains a number of bug fixes, performance fixes as well as anti-cheating improvements amongst other things, first indications are that the majority of ArmA users are having great success with this patch so that's obviously very pleasing to all of us. As this is a beta patch your feedback is really useful to us to make sure that the final version is as stable and complete as possible.

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