ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead Arrives In June!

Bohemia Interactive is pleased to announce that Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead , the forthcoming standalone expansion pack for Arma 2, best military simulator of 2009, will be available to buy from June 29th. Developed as a massive standalone expansion pack enlarging Arma 2 to a completely new level, Operation Arrowhead promises to deliver yet more of the highly authentic military simulation gameplay the series is famed for, while shifting the action to an all-new environment and adding key new features to Arma 2’s already vast palette

A2OA - street date announcement

New Community Venture Announced

Hi everyone and all of you creative members of our community in particular.

We have promised we will support our community as much as possible and here comes another service we want to offer to you. From January 2010 we plan to introduce a new section at called Guerrilla / Community. This page will be dedicated to the entire community content created for ARMA or ARMA 2, as we feel it deserves more public attention.

What we offer is the possibility to participate in the content published at this website. It's the opportunity for you to present your work to a much wider public and newly recruited players too!